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Operating System Slides

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My Slides

1. Processes PPS PDF Handouts
2. Threads PPS PDF Handouts
3. CPU Scheduling PPS PDF Handouts
4. Scheduling Algorithms PPS PDF Handouts

Galvin Slides

Part 1: Overview
1. Introduction PPT PDF
2. Operating-System Structures PPT PDF
Part 2: Process Management
3. Processes PPT PDF
4. Threads PPT PDF
5. CPU Scheduling PPT PDF
6. Process Synchronization PPT PDF
7. Deadlocks PPT PDF
Part 3: Memory Management
8. Main Memory PPT PDF
9. Virtual Memory PPT PDF
Part 4: Storage Management
10. File-System Interface PPT PDF
11. File-System Implementation PPT PDF
12. Mass-Storage Systems PPT PDF
13. I/O Systems PPT PDF
Part 5: Protection and Security
14. Protection PPT PDF
15. Security PPT PDF
Part 6: Distributed Systems
16. Distributed System Structures PPT PDF
17. Distributed File Systems PPT PDF
18. Distributed Coordination PPT PDF
Part 7: Special-Purpose Systems
19. Real-Time Systems PPT PDF
20. Multimedia Systems PPT PDF
Part 8: Case Studies
21. The Linux System PPT PDF
22. Windows XP PPT PDF
B. Windows 2000 PPT PDF




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